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Traveling Therapist "Comedy Counselor" Bringing a dose of "Laughter Therapy" To The People. One Stage At A Time! Remember, "It’s the Best Hour You'll Ever Spend in Therapy, Without a Huge Co-Pay!" - Chicago Tribune

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- 1967: Illegal in US for my Parents to Interracially Marry
(Irish/German Mother & Black Father)
Loving v. Virginia Supreme Court Case

- 1968: Family Moved to Topeka, Kansas (Zip Code 66606)
- 1969: My Father went to Jail for Murder
- 1975: KKK Burned Crosses in our front Yard
- 1985: 11th Grade, Dropped Out of High School
- 1986: Went to Jail, Alcoholic & Crack Addict
- 1987: Received G.E.D.
- 1988: Diagnosed with Manic Depression (Bipolar Disporder)
- 1992: Graduated Washburn University (Bachelor's Degree, Psychology)
- 1994: Graduated University of Kansas (Master's Degree, Social Welfare)
- 1996: Became Licensed Psychotherapist LSCSW, LCSW (Kansas & Missouri)
- 1997: Became Inspirational/Motivational Speaker and In-Service Trainer
- 1996-2000: President Multiracial Family Circle National Organization
- 2000: Keynote Speaker, Harvard University (Multicultural Conference)
- 2001: Became National Speaker for Multicultural Issues
- 2003: Diagnosed with Type II Diabetes
- 2004: Collaborated on Published Multiracial Article
- 2007: Hosted National Multiracial Conference (Chicago, IL.)
- 2007: NYC, Filmed "Crossing The Line: Multiracial Comedians"
- 2007: Appeared in Boston Globe "Multiracial Comedic Stand Up for one another"
- 2008: P.B.S. Airs, Crossing The Line: Multiracial Comedians
- 2009: Released 1st “Laughter Therapy DVD" titled, I'm Not Fat, I'm Squishy
- 2011: Appeared on TruTv's, Hit Reality Show, "Hardcore Pawn."
- 2013: Released 2nd “Laughter Therapy DVD" titled, Is that Black Enough 4 ya?

Washburn University & University of Kansas

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Inspirational Speaking, Motivational Speaking and In-Service Trainer. Squishy has also appeared with; Cedric the Entertainer, Squishy Man, Bernie Mac, D.L. Hughley, Katt Williams, Nick Dipaolo, Rodney Dangerfield, Franklin Ajaye, Squishy Tour, Ron White, Byron Allen, Dave Attell, Charlie Murphy, Bill Cosby, Jon Reep , Shang, Vince Morris, Chris Farley, Squishyman, Pablo Francisco, Kevin Nealon, Mitch Hedberg, Mimi Gonzalez, Pat Dixon, Darren Carter, Steve Hoffstetter, Bil Dwyer, Chevy Chase, Steve Martin, Gene Wilder, Rocky LaPorte, Mark Gross, Bobby Slayton, Chris Rock, Frank Caliendo, Jeff Foxworthy, Norm Macdonald, Crossing the Line: Multiracial Comedians